QualiTau is the leading supplier of reliability test equipment and services offering comprehensive turn-key solutions, which cater to the current and future needs of Quality, Reliability, and Technology Development groups within the semiconductor industry.

QualiTau, Inc. was founded in March, 1991 by Gadi Krieger and Peter Cuevas to apply their combined knowledge, experience and expertise in semiconductor technology development and reliability to commercial products. Since the successful introduction of its first system, QualiTau has become a leading supplier of reliability test equipment to the semiconductor industry. QualiTau’s turn-key test and analysis solutions provide forecasting of failure rates and performance degradation in Integrated Circuit (IC) devices. The systems manufactured and marketed by QualiTau allow simultaneous testing of devices and provide powerful data analysis tools.

In 1994, QualiTau Ltd. was established in Israel to develop and manufacture new products and to support the European and Far-Eastern markets.