Our Team

Jacob Herschmann, CEO & President

Before joining QualiTau in 1996, Mr. Herschmann spent six years with Orbotech, primarily as Sales Manager and office Manager of Orbot Germany (Orbot). Mr. Herschmann has extensive experience in International Sales and customer support of high-tech products. He received his B.Sc degree in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv university in 1987.

Nava Ben-Yehuda, VP of Finance & Control

Before joining QualiTau in 1995, Mrs. Ben-Yehuda served for eight years as Staff Accountant at RAD Communication. After several years as Financial Controller and Director of Finance, Mrs. Ben-Yehuda was promoted to her present position in 2004, where as VP of Finance and Control she has been responsible for all financial matters, inventory management and internal control. Mrs. Ben Yehuda holds both M.B.A. and B.A. degrees in Business Management and Development.

Tony Chavez, Director of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Chavez is the worldwide  Director of Sales and Marketing for QualiTau.  Prior to taking this role in 2016, Mr. Chavez was Sales Manager for 10 years.  Mr. Chavez joined QualiTau in 2000 as a Field Engineer and was later promoted to Sales Engineer in 2004.  In 1999 Mr. Chavez earned a B.S degree In Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University. Since then he has accumulated vast experience in semiconductor capital equipment sales and marketing. 

Dimitry Mishenin, Director of Operations

Before joining QualiTau in 2000, Mr. Mishenin served for 6 years as Maintenance Depo team leader in Air Force. After several years with QualiTau serving as a field and manufacturing engineer, Mr. Mishenin was promoted to Manufacturing Manager. In 2004, he was again promoted to Operations Manager. In 2016, Mr. Mishenin obtained his M.B.A from CSUMB. In 2018 he was promoted to his present position of Director of Operations. He is responsible for manufacturing, procurement, and warehousing. 

Abelino Anaya, Director of Customer Service

Before joining QualiTau in 1999, Mr. Anaya was employed at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) where he worked on an ultra-high vacuum service team installing and leak testing apparatuses on the beamline used for high energy physics experiments. Upon receiving his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering  from San Jose State University, he was brought onboard at QualiTau as a field service engineer where he advanced within the customer service department in subsequent years. In 2016, Mr. Anaya was promoted to Director of Customer Service.

Dr. Gadi Krieger, Management Advisor

Prior to co-founding QualiTau in 1991, Dr. Krieger was Process Development Manager at VLSI Technology Inc. for five years, responsible for the integration of advanced CMOS technologies. Before joining VLSI, Dr. Krieger worked on CMOS technology development at AMD and on latchup analysis, ESD protection and EPROM development at WaferScale Integration Inc. Dr. Krieger has published numerous technical papers on device physics and reliability. He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from Stanford University in 1983 and 1980, respectively, and his B.Sc from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, all in electrical engineering.